SAD EYES - Ad Dicti On
Necromance :: CD :: 8
The 3rd full-length from this Spanish one-man band. Featuring lots of guest musicians from many Spanish bands such as Avulsed, Foscor, Aposento, Mass Burial, Dejadeath, Baalphegor and many more, "Ad dicti on" is yet another awesome concept album crafted by mainman Santi Gonzalez and his ultra-personal take on Death Metal, influenced by almost everything and having no limits at all in song creation and construction. The whole outcome is definitely an extreme outburst of one`s emotions and feelings in the form of brutal, heavy, melodic, doomy, technical, uncompromising Death Metal. Fans of unique bands such as Death, Morbid Angel, Atheist, Hypocrisy or Immolation, do check this out!!!