ATARAXY - Revelations of the Ethereal (CD)
Two years after the critically acclaimed "Curse of the Requiem Mass" MCD (1st Memento Mori release ever!!), Ataraxy are back with a vengeance entitled "Revelations of the Ethereal", a debut full-length that reeks of Death Metal in capital letters, drawing their influences from Asphyx, The Chasm, Autopsy and the old Finnish sound (Depravity, early Amorphis, Rippikoulu, early Convulse or more recent acts like Stench Of Decay and Krypts), only with a personal touch of their very own. Somber harmonies, crushing mid-tempos, doom passages, murky atmospheres, sudden outbursts of anger, throaty grunts la Van Drunen... These are the true revelations of the ancient Metal of Death!!!