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Moribound by ETERNAL ROT :: CD
The highly anticipated 3rd album by this Polish/U.K. band. Eternal Rot crawled out of a musty dungeon in London in 2012, born out of a passion for Death Metal by Mayer and Grindak. Their 2013 Promo Ta... [+ info]

Spectral Intercession by COFFIN MULCH :: CD
The highly anticipated debut full-length by this U.K. band. Hailing from Scotland, Coffin Mulch formed in 2018 and quickly set to work on their debut demo, "Coffin Mulch", which was released a year la... [+ info]

Streams of Rot by FORMLESS OEDON :: CD
The impressive debut full-length by this Filipino band. Formless Oedon came into being in late 2019 when founder/songwriter Rozel decided to re-ignite an old project that he had envisioned way back in... [+ info]

Millennium of Night Bliss by VALGRIND :: CD
The highly anticipated 5th full-length by this Italian band. By now, those who follow our dark deeds should be well familiar with Valgrind. Despite forming all the way back in 1996 and releasing three... [+ info]

Beliefs of Dead Stargazers and Soothsayers by PUSTILENCE :: CD
The stunning debut full-length by this Australian band. Hailing from Brisbane, Pustilence formed in late 2018 and soon became a three-headed vermin that proudly brought forward mind-warping Death Meta... [+ info]

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