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Temple of the Lost Wisdom by DEPRIVE :: CD
One year after unleashing a promising debut full-length, Deprive is back with a sophomore album that strengthens all the attributes displayed on the critically acclaimed "Into Oblivion", only supplied... [+ info]

Engraved in Black by ACROSTICHON :: CD
Repress of the Memento Mori´s 2011 official reissue of this underground Death Metal masterpiece from The Netherlands, originally released on Modern Primitive back in 1993. Death Metal the way it was a... [+ info]

Rotten Remains by CARNAL TOMB :: CD
The skull-splitting debut full-length from a German band that perpetuate the odor of vintage Death Metal. Hailing from the bowels of Berlin, Carnal Tomb started out as a duo (Corpse Ripper on bass / v... [+ info]

The Fumes of Putrefaction (1992-1995) by ERUCTATION :: CD
The history of underground Death Metal is crammed with bands that never got to make it past the demo stage. However, only a handful of them actually deserved much better in terms of both longevity and... [+ info]

A Scream from the Tomb Below by WITCH VOMIT :: CD
If there´s one place in the U.S. where underground Death Metal is brimming with talent as of lately, that´s Portland (Oregon). Bands such as Torture Rack, Sempiternal Dusk, Symptom, Ritual Necromancy,... [+ info]

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