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…From Forgotten Tombs I & II by ALDEBARAN :: CD
A collection of all the songs (most of them available on CD format for the first time ever) included in their "...From Forgotten Tombs" (originally released on vinyl format in 2008) and "...From Forgo... [+ info]

In Eerie Slumber by COFFINCRAFT :: CD
The debut full-length from one of Finlandīs best kept underground secrets. This Finnish quartet deliver an intense, tight-as-fuck, crushing and massive brand of Death Metal that amalgamates the best e... [+ info]

Manifest Rebellion by PRAISE THE FLAME :: CD
After the critically acclaimed "Profane Cult" EP (2013) that took the underground scene by the storm, the three-headed malefic ensemble from Chile known as Praise The Flame returns with a vengeance in... [+ info]

Ether for Scapegoat by TRANSGRESSOR :: CD
Official and subtly remastered reissue of the solitary full-length album, originally released in 1992, from this Japanese band, including 4 bonus tracks that were previously only available on the "Rec... [+ info]

Sepulcrum Viventium by AUSTERYMN :: CD
Previously known as Perpetual Infestation (1990-1991) and Godless Truth (1991-1996), these seasoned U.K. scenesters came back from the deceased in 2007 and re-christened their decayed corpse as Auster... [+ info]

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