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Descent into Putridity by HORRIFIED :: CD
Welcome to the darkened recesses of old school Death Metal. Firmly rooted in those hallowed traditions, we have one deceptively young band that twist the sickening riffs and patterns of old even furth... [+ info]

The Necrodex by INSEPULTO :: CD
Originally formed back in 1993, resurrected in 2008 and featuring some experienced veterans still active in the Costa Rican underground Metal scene, Insepulto´s brand of Metal of Death is deeply roote... [+ info]

Inhumation of Shreds (Complete Recordings 1991-2009) by GODDEFIED :: CD
Sunlight Studio. Tomas Skogsberg. Boss HM-2 Heavy Metal pedal. You just can´t wrong with those premises when it comes to old school Swedish Death Metal. And that´s exactly what you´ll get from Goddefi... [+ info]

Revealed from Ashes by MORBIDITY :: CD
The debut full-length from this Bangladeshi quintet. Formed back in 2011, Morbidity capture the very essence of the Death Metal of old, the brand that is rotting, abrasive, filth-laden and malevolent,... [+ info]

Ziyadah by SPINA BIFIDA :: CD
Official reissue of the solitary album from this Dutch ensemble, originally released in 1993, featuring the "Symphony of indictment" demo (1992) as bonus tracks. This highly underrated and hideous gem... [+ info]

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