Memento Mori

MEMENTO MORI is a Spain based label/mailorder founded in early 2010 that focuses on old school Death Metal, Doom Metal and anything in between, on CD format.

Our release policy essentially bifurcates in two directions:

1) To push current bands that deserve to be pushed through Memento Mori.

2) To unbury some old recordings/releases that deserve to be unburied so that everyone that was not there when they first saw the light of day, might be able to enjoy them now without paying shitloads of money for a 1st press copy on the net.

Demos are welcome, be them physical or digital. If you want us to consider a possible release for your band, or just want to submit your demo to us, get in touch by filling in the contact form.

Promotion is handled by Transcending Obscurity PR ( Please send all promo/media/press requests and inquiries to

In Death, In Doom...