This is the list of stuff (new items and restocks) that arrived at the store over the course of the last month:

ABSU - The Temples of Offal / Return of the Ancients CD
ATARAXY - Where All Hope Fades CD
BINAH - Phobiate CD
BLEMISH - The Forsaken Hope CD
BLOOD - Christbait CD
BLOOD - O Agios Pethane CD (digipak)
BLOOD - Mental Conflicts CD
BLOOD - Depraved Goddess CD
BLOOD - Gas. Flames. Blood CD
BLOOD INCANTATION - Interdimensional Extinction MCD
CIANIDE - A Descent into Hell CD
CIANIDE - Death, Doom and Destruction CD
CRYPT OF KERBEROS - World of Myths CD (digipak)
DAY OF EXECUTION - Inevitable End CD
DEADLY DARK - Rotting in Grave CD
DEMORED - Absolution Through Dissolution MCD
DEMORED - Sickening Dreams CD
ENTRAPMENT - Through Realms Unseen CD
ERODED (Germany) - Darkness Awaits the Dead CD
GATEWAY - Boundless Torture MCD
GOREPHILIA - Severed Monolith CD
GRAVEWARDS - Ruinous Ensoulment CD
GUTTER INSTINCT - Heirs of Sisyphus CD
HAZAEL - Clairvoyance CD
HYPERDONTIA - Nexus of Teeth CD
INOCULATION - Hidden Paths of Death CD
INTERMENT - Into the Crypts of Blasphemy CD
INTERMENT - Scent of the Buried CD
MORBUS CHRON - Sleepers in the Rift CD
OMINOUS CRUCIFIX - The Spell of Damnation CD (digipak)
OMINOUS CRUCIFIX - Retribution After the Last Tribulation CD
OUTRE-TOMBE - Nécrovortex CD
PAGANIZER - Deadbanger CD
PAGANIZER - Promoting Total Death CD
PHRENELITH - Desolate Endscape CD
PLAGUE BEARER - Rise of the Bubonic Death CD
PRECEPTOR - Dogmatismo CD
R´LYEH - Back to the Cult CD
SPECTRAL VOICE - Eroded Corridors of Unbeing CD
TEMISTO - Temisto CD
VANHELGD - Relics of Sulphur Salvation CD
VANHELGD - Temple of Phobos CD
VANHELGD - Deimos Sanktuarium CD
XENOMORPH - Empyreal Regimes CD
ZEALOTRY - The Last Witness CD (slipcase)
ZEALOTRY - At the Nexus of All Stillborn Worlds CD
DIOCLETIAN - Annihilation Rituals CD
DIOCLETIAN - Gesundrian CD
ELLORSITH - Triumphant Nothingness CD
HACAVITZ - Kauitl Palaktik CD
HELLBUTCHER - Hellbutcher CD
INFERNAL EXECRATOR - Obsolete Ordinance CD
KERASPHORUS - Kerasphorus CD
MORTUARY DRAPE - All the Witches Dance / Into the Drape CD
NECROMANTIA - Crossing the Fiery Path CD
NECROMANTIA - Scarlet Evil Witching Black CD
VERBERIS - Vorant Gnosis CD (digipak)
ABSU - The Sun of Tiphareth CD
ABSU - The Third Storm of Cythraul CD
ABSU - Tara CD
HELLISH - The Spectre of Lonely Souls CD
MERCILESS - The Awakening CD
SACROSANCT - Truth Is - What Is CD
SACROSANCT - Recesses for the Depraved CD
TORR - Armageddon + 2 CD
TORR - Institut Klinické Smrti CD
PAGAN ALTAR - The Room of Shadows CD

THANATOS (The Netherlands) special 35th anniversary compilation 2CD!!!
We´re extremely thrilled to announce that Memento will put out a 2CD that will compile all 4 studio demos + rarities of the legendary Dutch Thrash/Death Metal band THANATOS, as a special celebration of the band´s 35th anniversary. This 2CD will feature the next recordings:

- Speed Kills demo (1984)
- Rebirth demo (1986)
- The Day Before Tomorrow... demo (1987)
- Omnicoitor demo (1989)
- Unreleased Live Tape 1985
- Pre-production Tape 1991
- 2 old re-recorded songs (including a guest appearance by some original band members from 1984)

All songs digitalized from the original sources and subtly mastered for an even more pleasurable listening experience. Cover art will be handled by Mörtuus. Release date has been set for April 22nd, 2019.

FUNERALOPOLIS (Switzerland) signed to Memento Mori!!!
In our endless quest to push and support current underground acts that perpetuate the odor of vintage Death Metal, we´re extremely thrilled to announce a new signing: FUNERALOPOLIS, from Switzerland.

FUNERALOPOLIS was awoken under the name Human Waste in 2006. With vocalist Void joining the band in 2009, they changed the name to FUNERALOPOLIS. Void left the band shortly after, but the name stayed. They started recording the first demo, titled "...of Death", with a slightly different lineup (guitar-desecrator Thuri also took on vocals) under horrible circumstances in only 48 hours (including mixing and mastering). The tape was released as a co-release between Dark Descent Records and Skeleton Plague. Several years and beers later, the recording of the "...of Prevailing Chaos" EP took place at Hidden Stash Studios, with a slightly different lineup. It was summoned in 2013. FUNERALOPOLIS didn´t have any lineup changes since 2011, and have been around since a decade now. Over the years, they´ve shared the stage with bands like Mystifier, Dead Congregation, Excruciation, Diocletian, Bölzer, Sadistic Intent and many more. The band´s main influences can be tracked back to the late 80´s and early 90´s Death Metal of bands such as Autopsy, Darkthrone, Asphyx, Sadistic Intent, Nihilist, Necrovore, Obituary, Incantation and Blasphemy. Besides that, other bands like Sodom, Cianide, Sarcofago, Winter, Candlemass, Doom, Carnivore and many many more also had a big impact on FUNERALOPOLIS.

Memento Mori will unleash two FUNERALOPOLIS CD´s: the first one will compile the band´s 2010 demo and 2013 EP, and will be out by mid 2019; the second one will be the band´s debut full-length album, with a release date at some point in the 1st half of 2020. Further details to follow in the coming months. Meanwhile, make sure to listen to their previous output (links below).

"...of Death" demo (2010)
"...of Prevailing Chaos" EP (2013)


This is the list of stuff (new items and restocks) that arrived at the store over the course of the last month:

AKELARRE - Decade of Desecration CD
ALTARS - Paramnesia CD
BARUS - Drowned CD
BUTCHER ABC - North of Hell CD
CALM HATCHERY - El-Alamein CD (digipak)
CALM HATCHERY - Sacrilege of Humanity CD
CALM HATCHERY - Fading Reliefs CD
CRAWL - Rituals CD
CRUZ - Culto Abismal CD
DEAD CONGREGATION - Purifying Consecrated Ground MCD
DEAD CONGREGATION - Graves of the Archangels CD
DEAD CONGREGATION - Promulgation of the Fall CD
DEAD CONGREGATION - Sombre Doom MCD (digisleeve)
DECREPITAPH - Forgotten Scriptures - The Collection CD
DESECRATION (Italy) - Reincarnation of Eternal Suffering (1991-1995) CD
DRAWN AND QUARTERED - Feeding Hell´s Furnace CD
DRAWN AND QUARTERED - Proliferation of Disease CD
DUSK - Withdraw MCD
EMBALMED SOULS - Journey Through Bizarre CD
EMBALMED SOULS - Fire and Sulfur Salute You CD (digipak)
EMBRACE OF THORNS - ...For I See Death in Their Eyes... CD
EMBRACE OF THORNS - Prevalence: A Decade of Atomic Genocide CD
EMBRACE OF THORNS - Darkness Impenetrable CD
EMBRACE OF THORNS - Scorn Aesthetics CD
ENCOFFINATION - Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh CD
ENCOFFINATION - O´ Hell, Shine in Thy Whited Sepulchres CD
ENCOFFINATION - Necros Obscuritas CD
ERODED - Necropath CD
ETERNAL ROT - Cadaverine CD
EXCIDIUM - Infecting the Graves - Vol. 1 CD
EXCIDIUM - Infecting the Graves - Vol. 2 CD
GRAVE MIASMA - Realm of Evoked Doom MCD
GRAVE MIASMA - Endless Pilgrimage CD (digipak)
GUTWRENCH - The Art of Mutilation CD
INFESTER - To the Depths, in Degradation CD
JUDGEMENT DAY - Circumcision of the Martyr 1994 / 2000 2CD
KORSAKOV - Unique Remains CD
MAELSTROM - Slaughter of the Dead CD
MEGASCAVENGER - As Dystopia Beckons CD
MORBID MESSIAH - Demoniac Paroxysm CD
MORTUOUS - Through Wilderness CD
MUTILATE - Tormentium CD
PULVERIZED - Monuments of Misanthropy CD
REPLICANT - Negative Life CD
RUDE - Soul Recall CD
RUDE - Remnants... CD
RUIN - Human Annihilation CD
RUIN - Drown in Blood + Human Annihilation 2xCD (especial bundle)
SICKNESS - Plague: Ornaments of Mutilation and More CD
SKELETAL REMAINS - Beyond the Flesh CD
SKELETAL REMAINS - Condemned to Misery CD
SKELETAL REMAINS - Devouring Mortality CD
SPIRIT OF REBELLION - The Enslavement Process CD
SPIRIT OF REBELLION - The Reign of Denial CD
TORTURER - Die in Pain CD
WEAK ASIDE - The Next Offensive CD
WEAK ASIDE - Forward into Darkness CD
WITCH VOMIT - Poisoned Blood MCD (digisleeve)
DALKHU - Lamentation and Ardent Fire CD (digipak)
TEMPLE DESECRATION - Whirlwinds of Fathomless Chaos CD
BETRAYER - Grandma / Older than God 2CD
BONEHUNTER - Rabid Sonic Fire CD
DECEASED - Fearless Undead Machines CD
DECEASED - Supernatural Addiction CD
DESTRUCTION - Bestial Invasion of Hell MCD
DISCIPLES OF POWER - Ominous Prophecy CD
DISCIPLES OF POWER - Invincible Enemy CD (digipak)
EVIL ARMY - Command, Attack and Destroy CD
EXCIDIUM - Decimation CD
INFECTED - Dark Century CD
KATACOMB - Unrelenting Power CD
NOIA - Iron Death CD
OUTRAGE - 1985 Demo(n)s CD
SAVAGE STREETS - Filth / Rot / War / Attrition CD
THRONE - The Full Moon Sessions CD
TYRANNO - Skulls, Horns & Lust CD
ANTICHRIST - Pax Moriendi CD
DRUJ - Chants to Irkalla CD

The highly anticipated debut album by this upcoming Mexican band. Morbid Messiah was formed in 2015 after Anubis Sandoval (drums) moved from Cancun to Guadalajara, and teamed up with Roberto Trejo (guitar) and Jose Rivas (vocals). All three young musicians shared a burning passion for the authentic sound of underground death metal that blossomed during the late 80´s and early 90´s, and felt compelled to give shape to a brand-new, iniquitous entity that would follow in the gods of yore´s footsteps. Morbid Messiah played their first live show a few months later and then proceeded to record their debut EP, suitably titled "In the Name of True Death Metal", which was self-released in October 2016 on CD format. Guillermo Lopez (bass) had already joined their ranks by then, solidifying the lineup for depraved endeavors yet to come. Fast forward to April 2017 and the Polish label Godz ov War Productions gave the EP the tape treatment, and all 100 copies sold out shortly after. To depict Morbid Messiah´s approach to the Metal of Death is no laborious chore, for it is nothing more -but certainly nothing less- than a dank, impenetrable, lightless, decimating and unadorned concoction of the finest, heaviest and vilest elements of bands such as Sadistic Intent, Possessed, Incantation, Grotesque, Mortem, Death and Imprecation, as well as those prevalent in the early works of their countrymates Cenotaph and Shub Niggurath. Thus girded with such proud and powerful influences, "Demoniac Paroxysm" thus invokes its very title, whipping the listener into a fury of rotten, sewer-dwelling possession. Rubbed raw and blasted about like a boombox from the bowels of Hell, this is DEATH METAL in all caps, and forever be it so: Morbid Messiah are not recommended for trendy ears nor those with weak stomachs. But if the flame burns true within you, by all means, take this torch now! Naturally, for a record so foul and filthy, it´s only fitting that "Demoniac Paroxysm" is gracelessly graced with classic cover artwork courtesy of the esteemed Mark Riddick. Bow down and pray to Morbid Messiah!

RUIN - Human Annihilation CD [MEMENTO-LXXVI]
The long-awaited second album of America´s Ruin. Not much is known about the anonymous aural torturers known as Ruin. At least, that was the case a couple years ago, before the band´s rebirth. The small amount of information that we did know was that the band was formed back in 1991, somewhere in the United States. Due to various members of the band being incarcerated and institutionalized, Ruin was disbanded at some point later that year. Rumors have also swirled that the band members were/are part of some sort of cult. Now free from any obstacles, the Ruin Death Metal machine was re-started again in 2015, and work began in earnest for what was to become their debut album, "Drown in Blood". Released last year by us to worldwide critical acclaim, Ruin´s "Drown in Blood" was everything that everyone had been waiting for, and then some: mean, vicious, spiteful, raucous and sickening Death Metal. Sonic debauchery is what you wanted? Sonic debauchery is what you got! Alas, Ruin strike while the iron´s red-hot and deliver another foul cauldron of filth with "Human Annihilation". Shit-heavy and strewn with shit, "Human Annihilation" picks up exactly where their "Drown in Blood" ended, and delivers pure and utter ugliness enriched with doomed-out passages, crusty tempos and sudden blasts that are meant to turn your stomach without care. And yet, compared to its predecessor, "Human Annihilation" goes even deeper into the creepiness; its soundfield is still vile and viscous, but there´s an even-more-pronounced lurking dread haunting their no-less-heavy ruminations. If "Drown in Blood" was some sort of bastard child spawned from Hellhammer covers being slammed out by "Realm of Chaos"-era Bolt Thrower taking place in the jam room of Finnish sickos Abhorrence in 1989, then "Human Annihilation" is the beyond-drunk and drugged-out aftermath, where there´s simply no escape from the disease-ridden basement. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Well, this time, Ruin weren´t gone very long for us to feel any warm feelings for them, and so they deliver the more sickening and hateful "Human Annihilation". Cover art by Caleb Dickenson (Cosmic Void Dark Art) and mastering by Ted Tringo, so you know this one´s gonna rot your soul with Ruin!

The striking debut album by this French band. Hailing from Grenoble, Barús formed in 2015 and soon released their self-titled debut EP through Emanations (a division of Les Acteurs de l´Ombre Productions). Since mid-2016, work has been focused on their debut full-length album. Bearing the ominous title "Drowned", this is a bolt-from-the-blue work of unimaginable vision and towering might. Indeed, the term "βαρύς" evokes a weight, an overbearing burden. Through Barús, this takes musical form through a complex and utterly atmospheric -but, above all, completely and totally visceral- approach to Death Metal. Call it an alchemy of sorts, but "Drowned" presents a moltenly monolithic, ceaselessly churning sound merged with palpably progressive structures, frequently stretching into Black and Doom Metal territories -and effortlessly, at that- all compellingly completed by bowels-of-Hell deep vociferations and vocalizations spanning semi-clean moans, spoken word, chants and everything in between. Truly, it´s a nightmare made flesh, its dissonance instilling an unshakable tension and terror, and yet Barús manage to make it sound so alluring, so tempting, to literally drown in the enormity they lay bare for the helpless listener. Drowned indeed! We don´t usually dip our toes into "progressive" or "post" waters, favoring the musty odor of vintage Death Metal. However, when presented with Barús´ "Drowned", we couldn´t help but submit to their visionary onslaught on the senses. So, while we could describe them as "Autopsy reinterpreted by Meshuggah" or "Gojira and Gorguts jamming out to an old Demilich tune with Ulcerate´s instruments," we´re confident Barús should definitely appeal to fans of such daring bands as Gorguts, Triptykon, Ulcerate, Emptiness, Meshuggah, Portal, Diskord, Akercocke, Gojira, Sumac, Deathspell Omega, Altars and Chaos Echoes. Featuring 9 songs in a vast yet time-evaporating 56 minutes, the production on "Drowned" is absolutely stellar. It was recorded between 2016 and 2017 at Plastic Lobster Studios & Eptagon, with drum recording and additional reamping done at Octavox Studio, while mixing and mastering were done by James Leonard at Plastic Lobster Studios. Completed by cover art courtesy of the masterful Timo Ketola, with inner artwork by Stephen Wilson, Barús´ "Drowned" is this year´s dark-horse classic in the making!

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