COFFIN CURSE - The Continuous Nothing (CD)
The highly anticipated 2nd full-length by this Chilean band. Although Coffin Curse came into being in 2012 as a side-project of Inannaīs Max Neira, it didnīt take long for the band to assert their own identity. A demo was released that same year, to be followed by a handful of EPīs and splits, all before culminating in Coffin Curseīs debut album for Memento Mori, "Ceased to Be". A fresh breath of old air, "Ceased to Be" was as exemplary of 1990 Death Metal than it was 2020 "Death Metal". In their "regressive"/elevated state of mind, Death Metal back then possessed charisma and songwriting, chops and more than a bit of madness. Maybe class, too? Compared to so much riff-salad wank thatīs followed, Coffin Curse were indeed classy. Now, four years later, Coffin Curse are back to reassert that classiness with "The Continuous Nothing", which is but a logical continuation of that not-inconsiderable debut: timeless, taut and terrorizing, actual songwriting is pushed to the fore with ceaselessly catchy riffing and an abundance of haunting-the-chapel leads. Also thankfully, Coffin Curse are unafraid of displaying their influences here -Morbid Angel, Deicide and Immolation during their turn-of-the-90īs heydays-, as well as the viciousness of founding fathers Possessed, Massacre and Chileīs Pentagram, but once again, the duoīs charisma pushes "The Continuous Nothing" into the realm of inspired rather than "inspired by", as each of the albumīs nine songs surges and slices with maximum memorability and quite-literally-dangerous execution. But, through it all, "The Continuous Nothing" engages because of its classic/classy songwriting and none-more-powerful production, where each instrument is organic and almost-overwhelming in its true-to-life physicality. No popcorn or punch-ins here! Once again, Daniel Hermosilla (Nox Fragor Art) provides the dark-psychedelic icing on the cake with his cover art. For those who worship such vital follow-up as "Legion", "Retribution" and "Blessed are the Sick", Coffin Curseīs "The Continuous Nothing" is for you!